Washing: clothes should be washed in warm / cold water, with little abrasive soaps and possibly upside down to prevent chafing in the washer drum. This will help to better conservation of the garment / fabric.
WHITE CLOTHES / FABRICS: Even if it's white is not recommended to use bleach or washing program higher temperature. We are not responsible for the deterioration of the product.

Normally we charge 50% in advance, either in person at the store at the time of ordering or transfer to our account details by email.
In case of transfer, please specify the order number (which we will provide previously) on the concept of transfer to provide us with the task to start your order.

The delivery time is 2 working days. However we will confirm you the final delivery at the time your order.
IMPORTANT: This delivery is always subject to production volume we have at the moment, considering that:

· In high season, spring / summer there is more workload.
· Not the same ordering 1 unit to 100 units.
· The process with the white fabrics, there is the same as that of the color.
· Take time to do things produces better results. Emergencies and stress often result in errors.

Request is considered urgent to be delivered in 24h. In this case, a supplement which varies between 30% or 50% depending on the order which is given at the time of creating it will be charged.

The customer has a period of 7 days (working days) after delivery of the product to claim, is an essential requirement to bring the product to review and find the best solution, either replace, repair, price reduction or resolution as appropriate

We always proceed to preview the file with the client so they can advise you about the best kind of printing possible for your individual situation.
We recommend for vinyl cutting prints, give us a design in vector format. If not, if the customer wishes will be charged manpower designer to trace and obtain optimum results. Otherwise, we are not responsible for the outcome.
For other prints to higher image quality, higher quality result. Bring us advise originals in vector format or full size at 300 dpi.

It is to note that the items we have in store, even being the same size, they are not all exactly equal because it is large scale productions and may be a slight difference between them.